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Semi-Automatic Font Design


“And you, O understanding one”……


[ואתה מבין אם בחכמת ידים המשילכה ודע[ת עבודה חוננכה … הכין
“And you, o understanding one, if he has given you the rule over your manual skills,
and know[ledge of work is a favor to you … He has established] …” (4Q418=4QInstrd frg. 81:15)

An example for using the abilities of modern computer technology is the vizualization of information. For example, an editor might want to use the ancient scribe’s font when calculating longer passages not attested in the original scroll, but in his personal reconstruction of the respective material. The idea that the system should be able to produce an “average” font (character shapes, correct spacing, kerning, ligatures, etc.) that comes closest to what the ancient scribe produced, was developed within the Scripta Qumranica Electronica project by J. Tucker, I. Kottsieper, and B. Brown-deVost. The Haifa editorial Team was particularly productive in this respect.

Making use of such a precise tool, suggesting a reconstruction will always be done on a scientific basis, as well as previous scholarly reconstructions can easily be verified with a higher degree of probability (see the example above from 4Q418).

Find a chart using some different scribal fonts that were developed for the project below.

Scribal Fonts by SQE 4Q77 4Q266 4Q415 4Q416 4Q417 4Q418 4Q503

(Click on the respective font to download it.)